Cloudy Claude

Use the buttons in the lower frame
to select levels or packs.
There are 50 levels in each pack.

You are free to use the zipped programs.

Please enjoy!


Movable objects:

Sleeping Claude click on him and he wakes up.
The Nose_Men.
Onion and cabbage.

Background objects:

Holes where to put the Nose_Men or some onions and cabbages.

The goal is to remove all the Nose_Men, onions and cabbages from the board. You have to clear all the points too.
Claude can only push a Nose_Man in the nose direction.
Claude can push a Nose_Man into a hole.
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Claude can push a stone into a hole, but this will turn the hole into a wall.
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When Claude eats one onion or one cabbage he gets one point.
Claude cannot eat when he have 5 points.
How Claude looks depending on how much he have eaten:
Enter (or SpaceBar) sends one cloud in each direction at the cost of one point.
Holes, onions and cabbages cannot stop a cloud.
When a Nose_Man is hit by a cloud it turns its nose offwind.
Claude can jump over a hole if the other side is free or occupied by an onion or a cabbage,
but he has to have enough points.
The jump cost is: one point, two points and three points.
A pushed Nose_Man can push one onion or one cabbage.
Onions or cabbages cannot be pushed directly.
Onions or cabbages can be pushed into a hole.
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You can take back a move with - (minus) or Delete.
Use the arrow or number keys to move Claude.

Symbols used.

# wall
blank,_,- empty
@ active Claude
a inactive Claude
L left Nose_Man
U up Nose_Man
R right Nose_Man
D down Nose_Man
1 small hole
2 medium hole
3 large hole
* onion or cabbage
$ stone
? background

Symbols used in Show Your Solution.

l, u, r, d moves left, up, right, down
L, U, R, D pushes left, up, right, down
E when you hit Enter
(x,y) activating a sleeping Claude and putting the active one to sleep,
      the relative position from the active one
In Takeback Info:
E is followed by four token telling how the Nose_Men, if any, in the LURD directions where directed.
A move followed by O or C is an eaten vegetable.
A move followed by o, c or * is a jump over a hole to a place with or whitout a meal.
A push followed by * indicates a nose pushed into a hole.
A push followed by a hole number indicates a stone pushed into a hole.
A push followed by O or C indicates a vegetable push.
A push followed by o or c indicates a vegetable pushed into a hole.