Use the buttons in the lower frame
to select levels or packs.
There are 50 levels in each pack.

You are free to use the zipped programs.

Please enjoy!


Movable objects:

Sleeping Flippy click on him and he will wake up.
Vertical banded ball.
Horizontal banded ball.
Neutral ball.

Background objects:

Goal for the vertical banded balls .
Goal for the horizontal banded balls .
The goal is to put all the balls on their goals.
A sleeping Flippy is not pushable.
You can take back a move with - (minus) or Delete.
Use the arrow or number keys to move Flippy.

Permitted pushes.

Flip Pushes
results in
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Double Pushes
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Single Push
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Symbols used.

background ?
# wall
 ,_,- empty
@ active Flippy
$ inactive Flippy
+ ball with vertical band
% ball with horizontal band
* neutral ball
. goal for vertical ball
: goal for horizontal ball

On table

_.: empty
+vV vertical
%hH horizontal
*nN neutral
@aA Flippy
$iI inactive Flippy

Symbols used in Show Your Solution.

l,u,r,d moves
L,U,R,D pushes
(x,y) activating a sleeping Flippy and putting the active one to sleep,
      the relative position from the active one
In Takeback info:
Lf,Uf,Rf,Df flip pushes
Ls,Us,Rs,Ds single pushes
All other pushes are double pushes.