Type of game:
  Moku Bang Pente Renju Conn6
  Win Lose Nothing Renju
Starting player:
  White Black     To move:
Offensivity: White: Black:
The players:
  Human/Computer Human/Human

Five/Six in a row on a Hex board!
Type of game:

MokuJust plain.
BangPairs of opposite colour are captured.
PenteAs Bang, but five capture is a win.
Renju1. Black starts!
2. Black loses if he makes a double three, a double four or an overline,
-- if he not in the same move makes a five-in-row.
-- Both of the three in the double three has to be open.
-- and are examples of open three.
3. White has no such limits as Black.
Connect61. Black starts with one piece!
2. All other move, each player sets two pieces.
3. A win is 6 in a row.
How to handle more than five/six in a row.

WinOverline counts as a win.
LoseOverline is a lose.
NothingOverline is of no value.
RenjuSee Renju rules in Type of game.