Use the buttons in the lower frame
to select levels or packs.
There are 50 levels in each pack.

You are free to use the zipped programs.

Please enjoy!


Movable objects:

Sleeping VertiRun click on him and he will wake up.
Dummy box.

Background objects:

Goal where to put the boxes .
Ladder only VertiRun can climb the ladder.
Upelevator entered from from right or left, VertiRun or boxes moves up one floor.
Downelevator entered from from right or left VertiRun or boxes moves down one floor.

Standing on a ladder or an upelevator VertiRun can push a box up, but if the box is standing on a downelevator it is not pushable.
Standing on a ladder or a downelevator VertiRun can push a box down, but if the box is standing on an upelevator it is not pushable.
A sleeping VertiRun is not pushable.
You can take back a move with - (minus) or Delete.
Use the arrow or number keys to move the VertiRun.

Symbols used.

background ?
wall #
empty space, _ or -
goal .
ladder =
up elevator A
down elevator V
active VertiRun @
inactive VertiRun a
box $
dummybox &

On table

_ @ a $ &
. + : * %
= L l R r
A U u P p
V D d N n

Symbols used in Show Your Solution.

l, u, r, d moves left, up, right, down
L, U, R, D pushes left, up, right, down
(x,y) activating a sleeping VertiRun and putting the active one to sleep,
      the relative position from the active one
In Takeback Info a and v are VertiRun up and down, and A and V box up and down.